How I Tripled My Client List in Just 18 Minutes a Day

Think of The Possibilities

What would five new clients each week do for your business? What would it do for your life?

What if you could double your flow of new consulting clients, using just 18 minutes each day?

What would twice as many qualified leads do for your top line? What if it cost you nothing to bring in those new leads?

I Did it. And There are People Doing it Every Day

You may be surprised to hear it, but it’s entirely possible. Not only that, but there’s a proven formula for making it happen. Thousands of independent business people just like you are already doing it. And, they’re getting great results. Oh yeah, and it’s easier than you might expect. You can get started immediately.

If you’re worried it will require some costly advertising program, you can relax. This isn’t about expensive campaigns or hiring more salespeople, either. This formula requires no hiring and no ad spend. I’m not saying those things won’t help as your business grows. They might. But right now, I’m introducing you to a system that requires none of these big expensive efforts.

Time to Get Off of the Solopreneur Business Development Hamster Wheel

One of the biggest challenges consultants and freelancers face, is bringing in new clients. You know you have to do it. For a few months, you dedicate lots of time to it, but you’re spread thin. Clients come in, and you do the work. There isn’t much time for lead-gen, but you have plenty of work. Then you finish the work, and you look around for your new clients. Crickets.

Suddenly it’s time to start building your business, again. So you do, and then it starts all over. It’s a vicious cycle, and I want to help you end it.

Image of Hamster saying he got off the wheel and you will too

Unless spinning your wheels is fun for you…

18 Minutes a Day, and a Desire to Grow Your Business

Picture yourself drinking your morning coffee. Now imagine finishing that first cup and being done with lead generation for the day. Yep, the one thing you need to do every day to make more money, finished while enjoying your morning Joe.

You can forget about all the fancy software, bloated ppc campaigns, and local print ads. Spend less time going to awkward networking events, and more time building real relationships. Get a head start with potential clients, strategic partners and more. Just invest a little time each day (or train an assistant to do it), and watch your business grow. Stop messing with unqualified leads, and make more time for working on your business, not in it. If this sounds good, learn more here

Lack of time is an illusion

“I don’t even have 15 minutes”, you think to yourself.. “I already work too late, too often”. You’re right, and most people do work too late too often. The good news is, you’re not just adding something to your schedule. With this system, you’re replacing a lot of what takes lots of time and gets you nowhere.

Have you ever found yourself…

..cold calling (also known, sadly, as “dialing for dollars”)?

..attending “business lunches” full of people who wouldn’t make good clients?

..sifting through “leads” you paid for, only to find none are qualified?

You know that all those exercises cost you lots of time for limited results. They’re frustrating and downright painful at times. The reasons you have for doing them are good, but it is time to trade up. You can easily drop one of these (or something similar) from your life. You will free up more than enough time to execute this winning strategy.

How many things do you each day that take some time, but don’t make you any more money? Eating is important, I wouldn’t suggest giving up on that. How about checking emails or reading articles online? Would your business suffer if you spent 15 minutes less each day on email? What would happen if you spent those 15 minutes on something better? Something proven to grow your business. What if you cut out an hour worth of busy-work and replaced it with less than 20 minutes of a high-impact strategy?

Building Your Business is Not Rocket Science

But, you still need a good formula. Whether you are putting up a tent, cooking a difficult meal, or learning a language, this is true. You can always experiment with new tactics, but why reinvent the wheel?

You wouldn’t want your dentist replacing your tooth without training from someone experienced. So why would you expect to grow your business quickly without training from someone who has done it? If there’s a system you can follow to leap months and years ahead of others, why start at square one, alone?

Image of dentist cleaning kid's teeth saying she did more than stay at a holiday inn last night

Training makes things better, if you want to keep on eating.

You Can Do it if I Can

I used this system to generate leads in a business I have now sold – for a nice stream of income. In the time I used this system, I generated more leads through it than through all my other efforts combined.

In the beginning, I was skeptical. I knew a lot about growing a business; it wasn’t my first rodeo. But I later found out there was so much I hadn’t learned yet. I had so many light-bulb moments while learning a system I couldn’t have figured out on my own.

I had actually struggled for over a year, trying to build business using Linkedin. I knew it was possible, but nothing I tried worked. I took this class and started the program. Within days I had my first leads, and within weeks I had my first clients. The LinkedIn Masterclass is free. It is worth buckets of time, but won’t take that long. Check it out here and let me know what you think.

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