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A word of warning: today’s the last day you can get your free copy of the revised and expanded 2nd Edition of my friend Josh Turner’s book, “Booked.”

And when I say “free”, I mean it. He’s not sneaking in a shipping fee, or doing one of those old “now you have to pay for the last two chapters” tricks. This is a no-strings, completely free offer.

Just click the link below to get your copy of “Booked.”

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Link: Here’s how to boost your revenue in 2017

“Booked” is easily one of the best business books I’ve read in some time. It’s full of next-level business building strategies that no one other than Josh is teaching right now.

Josh is a no-nonsense guy, and this book wastes no time in getting to the meat of his time-tested, powerful strategies.

I like to think I know a thing or two about building a business, but “Booked” has really opened my eyes and I’m looking at implementing these strategies myself.

Go grab your copy of Booked now while it’s still free
Link: Here’s how to boost your revenue in 2017

Josh’s book will show you a systematic, step-by-step approach to generate warm leads almost at will, create a steady stream of new clients, and position yourself as the go-to expert in your

I highly recommend this, pick up your copy here.
Link: Here’s how to boost your revenue in 2017

Need more info than that?

Cash flow is an important part of running a successful business, especially if you want to make a difference.

Your ability to make an impact in the world, to create freedom for yourself, to provide an amazing life for your family…all the reasons you started your business in the first place; without consistent cashflow, it’s very tough.

What’s the solution? A system that can generate leads, appointments and clients reliably.

My friend and Wall Street Journal bestselling author Josh Turner has just released the revised and expanded 2nd Edition of his book, “Booked.”

This updated edition includes more case studies and even more in-depth how-to instruction explaining Josh’s step-by-step system to consistently bring in clients who are excited to work with you (and who are happy to pay what you charge!).

It’s a great book, and you can get a copy here for free:

Grab it while it’s still free!

The book is only free for a VERY limited time, so you should jump on this quickly.

Josh has tripled the size of his business every year for 3 years running using the system he shares in this book. (He has one of the fastest growing coaching and consulting businesses in the US, so this is something worth paying attention to.) And it’s worked for thousands of his students and clients, too.

Josh lays out the whole process for you in “Booked.”

If you’re ready to get off the Cashflow Rollercoaster, grab your free copy now.

Grab it while it’s still free!

Still not sure?

Something is changing in business. And it’s going to continue to change whether you and I decide to change with it or not.

More and more business owners and entrepreneurs are moving away from traditional businesses. Instead, they’re building businesses that allow them to live the lifestyle that they want, avoid the “hustle” and have a bigger impact on the world.

And that means that traditional marketing and sales tactics are changing too.

Cold calling is ineffective and intrusive (and gross), networking events are expensive and aren’t really a scalable way to generate leads, and while a lot of the social media strategies being taught are pretty good for image building, most of them don’t end up landing real clients.

And most of these “old-fashioned” sales tactics don’t feel good, anyway. That’s because the best way to have a line of clients waiting to work with you is to connect with your prospective clients in a real and authentic (but systematic) way.

Want to find out what IS working? Go to this page to see
Link: Hurry up, your free book goes away soon

My friend Josh Turner has written a book that explains how to have a steady flow of appointments and clients, and do it in a way that feels good, without sinking money into tactics that don’t work.

Josh is the founder and CEO of LinkedSelling and a Wall Street Journal best-selling author who has helped thousands of businesses from all over the world get off The Cashflow Rollercoaster and get on the path to steady, predictable growth.

And now you can read his book, Booked for free for a limited time.

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Link: Hurry up, your free book goes away soon

Booked is a proven playbook to get a system in place that will generate a consistent stream of
new leads and clients for you.

Josh has updated the second edition to include more case studies and even more in-depth how-to instruction.

If you’re tired of worrying about getting new clients, I highly recommend you get your hands on Josh’s book right away.

Get your free copy of Booked here
Link: Hurry up, your free book goes away soon

Josh has used the same strategies he shares in Booked to triple the size of his business every
year for 3 years in a row, and helping thousands of businesses do the same. His strategies work in virtually all markets–from brick-and-mortar businesses to coaches, trainers, and anyone who works with clients.

He lays everything out for you in great detail – so you can start putting these strategies in place
right away.

And until February 17, you can get Booked for free:

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Link: Hurry up, your free book goes away soon

Imagine how your business and life would be different if you could feel secure knowing you have a steady stream of new clients waiting to work with you. Imagine the kind of impact you could have once you step off the “Cashflow Rollercoaster”. It’s possible, and one roadmap for getting there is in Josh’s book.

Grab your copy now
Link: Hurry up, your free book goes away soon

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